I Remember Where I Was A Year Ago

Actually, it was a year ago tomorrow. I had a prenatal appointment birth to attend with a couple at noon nine-thirty in the morning. I had been hired after being referred by someone whom I had never met, a Facebook “friend”, who had shared my name with someone she only knew through a listserve for women from their country.

I was feeding the chickens at 8:30 and was expecting the couple, who live an hour away, to show up at my house for an initial interview, at noon. Instead, I received a call from dad that mama’s water broke and they were on their way to the hospital. I rushed to the hospital and was hired on the spot. Some of you may remember the story from my old blog…OB physically pushes my client, baby crowning, backward on the bed, on her back (previously damaged and repaired and was not supposed to have pressure on, much less birth on, and throws her legs into stirrups while client is writhing…) Annnnyyywayyy…mom and dad were thrilled that I was there to help during the labor phase…

One year later …

Today I surprised this sweet mama at her daughter’s first birthday party. She was shocked and I was thrilled and we both remembered and connected. And she honored me and one other special woman who made her birth so memorable. Other guests were unaware of the power of this dedication..More happened that day and the next that will forever remind me of the loving kindness that is shared by strangers-when given an opportunity to step up save the day.

The mama gave birth that day to a baby at 36 weeks gestation in a rural hospital; the baby girl was strong. This baby was small and even though nursing, by the next day the hospital staff was pushing and pushing the parents for the baby to receive nutrition formula. I offered to bring donor milk to the hospital or try to procure some expressed milk from another mama who had birthed with me three months prior who lived in the same community. What happened next was just fantastic. The other mama went to the hospital and nursed this new, small baby-and had never met the other woman before that moment.

How powerful a bond was made in that second between those two women!

The other mama, her husband and child were also at the birthday party today, so I got in a twofer. And the other mama was also honored at the party, no one else knowing the power of this connection. Oh, my heart just sings today!!!



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